Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The No-buy challenge begins!

Last nite (Tuesday) was auction nite and we "dutifully" went. Actually the only reason I wanted to go was because I only had 2 eggs left... I felt awful & would have rather stayed home! I got 3 dozen eggs from "the egg lady" and luckily (?) for us it was produce nite. I was also out of onions... we got a 5 pound box of onions, and an equally large box of Anaheim peppers (what to do with those?), 3 boxes of grape tomatoes, 2 bags of snap peas and 2 5-pound bags of oranges.
Today I discovered we were out of milk, had a few frozen strawberries (use those in smoothies) and had no salad fixin's so we went to the store (Walmart) for these few items. Along with these few food items we also bought eBay shipping supplies, a new everyday watch, sunglasses & flip-flops for my trip to North Carolina.
I've begun a quick diet to lose a quick 10 pounds before my trip. So far... day 3... I've lost 5 pounds! I hope I can lose the other 5 pounds before I leave on Monday. My bag is packed for the most part... just a few more things to throw in & I'll be ready to go! Can you tell I'm very excited about seeing Lani & the girls... and Kristopher?!

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  1. Yay! Have a safe and fun trip. Say hello to my parents in New Bern for me :)