Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'd like to thank...

whomever it was who gave me this stinkin' head cold! Years ago I heard that it takes 2 weeks for a cold to develop. This being said, I would have had to contract this BEFORE I went to North Carolina. I'd hate to think that I've infected my daughter's household... and all those poor, innocent people in the airports I spent quality time in! Hubby's been kinda sick with it this past week...but seems to be feeling better today. I had been sneezing a bit earlier this week but last nite it started hitting me hard around midnite. Today has been spent sneezing... blowing my nose... and breathing thru my mouth. Ugh! I hate being reduced to a mouth-breather! My throat is a little scratchy, my eyes are watery... and if that isn't enough... whatever I eat... tastes like snot! How pleasant is that?

Last nite our gang went to the infamous Rococo Theatre (okay, maybe it's just infamous in our town!) for a fund-raiser. There were five bands that played in a six hour period. The first band/combo - Mac McCune & the Mac 5 - a little jazz group played old standards & was quite nice to listen to. Band #2 - The Blues Orchestra was fun to listen to & dance to. Band #3 - The A's & The B's - was not one I'd pay to see... to funky/hip-hop for my taste. And finally the bands we'd come to hear - The Tijuana Gigolos & The Bel Airs finished off the night! They were worth the wait!

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