Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday!

Here's my girls: Hayli & Kristin... and Madeline.
Wednesday we (Lani, Hayli, Kristin & I) made papier mache' eggs -- the kind one makes with balloons. What a mess! But the girls had SO much fun doing it! They were, of course, impatient to paint them! Yesterday after naptime we painted these eggs! I didn't think anything could be messier than the papier mache' -- but painting was HUGE messy fun!! Today's projects include dying the hard-cooked eggs, frosting/decorating Easter sugar cookies!

Lani & Kristopher are both Marines and run a pretty tight ship! The girls don't get away with much even tho' they try to! Hayli & Kristin have become sisters. What one doesn't think of, the other one does. There are times of scratching & hitting, taking each other's toys and general bickering... all of which result in quality time spent in the "think corner". Most of the time they're pretty good. They would definitely benefit from having a fenced in backyard to play in - although there is a small playground just a few feet from their back door.

LITTLE GIRLS DRIVING CARS: Last night they went to the park with Kristopher. They had to drive the Barbie Jeep... Hayli is not the best driver yet... althought she is safety minded - saying they couldn't drive until they had their velcro seatbelts fastened. Fastening these are evidently quite tricky as it took quite some time ot do! She ran into the extra propane tank for the grill and a small tree before getting to the playground. Hopefully her driving skills will improve with age!

I wasn't sure how Kristin was going to respond to me but we're getting along quite well... as long as she's being good. As with any 3 year old - she doesn't like being reprimanded for anything! Hayli was ready to pack her bag & go home with me today - but I told her if I left today & she came with me the Easter Bunny wouldn't be able to find her. She decided she'd stay.

Lani & I have enjoyed our quiet time (read: while the girls nap) together. It will be hard to leave. Hayli will be coming to Nebraska the end of April with her daddy for her aunt's wedding so I will get to see her again soon!

This morning Jerry called... wanting to know if I was still plan on coming home! Lani would like me to stay longer - me being here makes her life in MOMMYLAND a little easier, a little less stressful!

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