Thursday, April 23, 2009




View from the boat

Yesterday - about 3:45 - my phone rang. My friend Kath wanting telling me, at the speed of sound, that she was getting off work in 45 minutes, it would take her 15-20 minutes to get home, 2 minutes to change & 12 minutes to hook up her boat - a 16' Lund. We could meet at the lake between 5:30 & 6:00. So much for plans of fish on the grill tonite! I ran to the store to buy some sunblock - SPF 70 - grabbed a jacket, a camera & headed out the door. We stopped to pick up tacos since dinner at home was not an option.
I'm not one who takes chances much - that's right, I'm a chicken! I don't like deep water & will only wade or swim in water where I can see the bottom (or my feet). I don't particularly like to ride motorcycles (definitely not without a helmet - who likes scrambled brains?) - and last summer I went on my first ATV ride & was told we weren't going "that" fast! Anyway, Kath is an excellent boatman (boatwoman? boatperson?) & handles the boat like a champ but as soon as I sat down in chair I looked for a seat belt! She laughed - then I think she realized that I MIGHT be serious!
At any rate we had a blast flying over the water... or just cruising along - barely moving sometimes. It was very relaxing watching the gulls, listening to the radio & the sound of the water. We're hoping to do it again soon before we leave for the mountains!
Thanks for the fun time Kath!!

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