Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Sentimental Journey

I admit it... I'm sentimental... probably too much for my own good. I cry at the drop of a hat and at what most people would think are the silliest things. But my heart is tender.
As I've been packing... I'm reminded of something with each thing I pack.
And as I've "released" things - sold on eBay or at garage sales or just given to Goodwill - I have held onto the things that mean the most to me... things that have a family connection or remind me of things from my childhood, things I recall seeing in my grandfather's house...although some things I've had to buy in order to recreate those memories since much of what was once in his house was sold at auction some 30 years ago.
Some memories are happy... others, not so much.

My grandmother's trunk. I never knew her... she had passed away years before I was born. Daddy told me that when she married my grandfather, she brought all her belongings in this trunk. It holds sentimental things like a quilt my mom made for me - each quilt block has a vintage hanky sewn onto it, a baseball signed by my son Alex's team one year when they won a championship game, a handkerchief box that had belonged to my grandmother - along with her celluloid dresser set. I had pictures of my grandparents on top of the trunk but I've already packed them away.

My grandfather's rocker - in it's original condition. A small footstool tucked underneath it. This is a great place to read next to the "wood stove". It says "home" to me!

My sweet Hayli Grace! She lights up my life & is the darling of my heart! She is what love & joy are all about!

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