Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How could I ask for more?

It's Wednesday. Hump day! Mid-week.

Our colds are still hanging on - although they're not as bad as the weekend.

But, hey! The sun is shining, the birds are singing... my clean laundry is flapping in the breeze on the line...and there is a kitchen stove in the back of our truck. What? Yep! Last night at the auction there was an apartment size 4-burner stove... and for a cool $8.00 - yup - eight clams - it's now destined to find its home at the cabin on Miracle Mountain!! Yeah, it looks like it needs to go thru the carwash... but when I opened the oven door (expecting to see desserted mouse nests) it was nearly it had never been used. Jerry would say it looks like OUR oven (like it had never been used - but it has... I'm just a CLEAN cook!). We will have to replace one knob that is missing but otherwise it appears to be in good enough condition to cook on! Yippee!!

For the past year I've been corresponding with a former co-worker who is now incarcerated (I won't go into the details - but let's say he'll be there for "a while"). A former State official, now felon - his family has disowned him... he rarely hears from his wife (who is also incarcerated).
Before we left for Colorado last spring I had this gnawing in my belly that wouldn't go away & I kept thinking about this man, knowing he was in prison, and wondering what I was supposed to do about it. I decided to drop him a note in the mail letting him know that I was thinking of him & that if he would like a penpal I'd be happy to oblige. I have a difficult time understanding his crime. But there are passages in the Bible that refer to "visiting" those who are imprisoned & I guess I'm taking that to heart. My very own prison ministry.
Other than the feeling that God wanted me to befriend him in prison I don't know why I write to him in "beige world" as he calls it. I write in different colored ink on colored paper and I've sent him photos of the mountains, wildlife, wild flowers, etc. to bring some color to his otherwise drab world & tell him of everyday things here and plans for the cabin. His only view to the outside world is thru a tiny window - with only view of tall fences topped with razor wire. Dismal doesn't begin to describe it but he understands that dismal is as good as it gets because of what he did.

So... my question is this: I have a home (or two), a vehicle, a husband, kids & grandbabies, parents, and friends who love me & accept me, as crappy as I feel with this cold - I still have my health and I have the freedom to worship as I wish, to come & go as I please (at least for now)... How could I ask for more?

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