Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Airports! It's good to be home!

My trip back from North Carolina was mostly uneventful. I was delighted to find curbside check in at the Raleigh airport - a huge timesaver, however my flight from RDU was delayed 1 hour so the curbside check in ended up not being such a timesaver.

I sat between two interesting New Jersey women on that flight. I sat in the Newark/Liberty International airport for about 2 1/2 hours. The place was packed - crawling with people - seating was difficult to find. It was almost like playing musical chairs - walk around until someone moved, then slide into the an empty seat! I had the good fortune of having two interesting men eventually find an empty seat next to me. The first was a black man in a dressed-for-success pinstripe suit. He was an executive with Verizon Wireless - who was originally from Wichita, Kansas! We visited for just a short time before his plane boarded. Mr. Verizon's seat was still warm when another gentleman sat down next to me. His name was Angel - from Pennsylvania. We had a wonderful visit. My seat on the plane was clear in the back, his was in front. As we de-planed in Omaha he was waiting in the "tunnel" to make sure I woke up. He said he'd walked back to talk more with me but I had been asleep! We walked to baggage claim together, got our bags, shook hands and went our separate ways. Jerry was driving around the parking area waiting for me to come out front! It was good to see him after a week apart. The drive home went quickly - I had lots to tell him. I think I finally quit talking about 2 a.m.

Yesterday morning following breakfast we drove to the vet to pick up Skeeter where he'd been "vacationing" while I was gone. He was very excited to see me (I think) and to go for a ride! We decided as long as he was in the truck we'd take him to the lake for a run... burn off some of his excess energy. To our knowledge Skeeter has never been in big water - so we were surprised as he ran down the beach straight into the lake! He was a bit surprised - maybe thinking the lake was going to be like the beach taking him directly to the squawking geese & gulls in the middle. He got in up to his neck & decided he needed to get out - FAST! We started throwing sticks into the lake & he would go back in to retrieve them. He may end up liking the water yet.

We went to the auction last nite - nothing we couldn't live without - so we hooked up with friends G & J and went to a favorite sports bar where we could eat outside in the fresh air. It was good to catch up with them after being away for a week.

Today will probably be kind of a lazy day. I have some laundry to do & need to go to the grocery store by the looks of the fridge. If it doesn't rain we may take Skeet back to the lake for another fun day running & swimming!

It's good to be home!

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  1. There are always interesting people at airports.
    I have only been to two airports, Ohare and Newark.
    While I didn't talk to anyone, I had a lot of fun people watching.