Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday thoughts

This morning I woke up with not just the snotty, yet stuffed up nose I had gone to bed with but a sore throat & a phlegm-producing cough. More than you needed to know, I’m sure! I told Jerry I was “sick in the head” - as in: a head cold! I managed to dodge the cold/flu bug all winter - only to get sick now! When I was growing up we had a next door neighbor who once told me to take ExLax for coughing! When I questioned him about it, he said that it wouldn’t cure the cough but it would make you afraid to! Sick or not… I got up, made blueberry muffins & oatmeal - also with blueberries - and a pot of coffee. Jerry peeled a couple oranges for us & Skeeter & I shared a banana. Dishes done & put away, I took chicken out of the freezer to grill tonite.

I had promised myself that I would get busy packing stuff up - so I dragged my sorry self down to the basement to get boxes. I noticed the washer lid was closed. Funny! I could swear I had put the clothes in the dryer - Thursday! Nope! Eeewww! Stinky damp clothes still in the washer. Washed them again while I moved the metal shelf unit to a better lit place (there are no lights in the south half of the basement for some reason). I hauled over some tubs (6 to be exact) of Christmas decorations, clothes & kitchen stuff that had been packed a while ago, stashed them next to the shelves, grabbed some boxes & headed back upstairs to pack up my ever-growing library. I managed to pack up three Sam Adams beer boxes of books that I have yet to read. I packed the authors I really enjoy reading in one box & marked it (#1)… and the rest of the books in the other boxes to take at a later date. I also packed away books I’d already read (don’t even ask why I feel the need to keep them!) and some of my religious/devotional type books. There are still LOTS of books to pack… mostly reference books: building, gunsmithing, survival, and our Bibles. Jerry started a box of books to donate to Goodwill & I added a few that I had, haven’t read, don’t intend to read! I could probably pack most of our DVDs and the VHS tapes (yes, we still have a VCR!). Maybe later today! When we moved from our previous renting situation I had gone to a local liquor store on a daily basis to pick up boxes they set out. I’m sure when we move again people will think we either own a liquor store or have a serious drinking problem!

I called my sister & talked with her while I packed the books. By the time I got the boxes packed & hauled to the basement the clothes had finished washing - again! I threw them in the dryer, decided to take a break from packing & headed outside to scoop poop. One of my favorite jobs! NOT! I discovered that it was no longer 47 degrees out, the sun was shining & there was a very gentle breeze so again I traipsed back down to get the jeans I had laid out to dry & hung them on the clothesline outside.

This brings me to where I am currently… sitting in my chair on the computer. My head is pounding but the coughing has subsided a bit. My throat isn’t as sore as it was when I woke up - I’m crediting coffee for that - but my nose is still stuffed up. I’d really like to soak in a hot bath but I have a feeling I’d be done for the day If I did that.

I suppose I should get busy doing something or I’ll be falling asleep in my chair. Hope your weekend was a good one!

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