Thursday, April 2, 2009

I know what I said.. but what I meant was..

Yeah, yeah, yeah! I know I said this was a No-Buy month... but what I meant was food. Just eating from the pantry or freezer... only buying fresh fruit & veggies, eggs & milk................. so I'm off the hook, right? Probably not!
This morning Jerry was reading the paper & noticed a few garage sales starting today. A couple of them sounded interesting but I didn't think we'd find much. We drove out to a development in the country and discovered a gentleman selling a TON of stuff from his outbuilding! I scored a set of nice silverware (service for 8) AND the wood silverware divider box thingy... an old cream can, a metal box (probably had flour in it during its previous life), a gun case and an old white cabinet - perfect for towel storage at the cabin! This man had several old library tables, stepback cabinets, pie safes, guns.... you name it! We passed on a wonderful cabinet for $35 because we figured it was too tall for the cabin kitchen/pantry - it must stand 7 feet tall - and it would have been a pain to haul. We left with our treasures and grabbed a bite to eat.
While we had lunch we discussed the things at the garage sale & almost at the same time mentioned this half canoe that had been made into a bookcase. And we both had the same idea about using it as an entertainment center. Our current entertainment center is large...much too large to fit in the cabin. We drove back, hoping it was still there, to take a second look. Luckily (?) it was still there.
The canoe is about 5 1/2 feet tall... 32" across at the bottom. Good size but about half the size of our current entertainment center. We figured the top shelf could be removed which would allow room for a small flat screen TV; the other two shelves could be used to house our DVD & VCR players (yes, we still have a VCR) and several DVDs & VHS tapes. Strangely enough, everything that was displayed in it came with it... a fishing creel, empty shotgun shell boxes, miscellaneous fishing lures, a trap (like one might use for coyotes?), and several duck decoys. It was our LUCKY day!
Now... what to do with our entertainment center? Craigslist - here I come!

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  1. I love garage sales too! I can't wait until they start here. You sound like you got some great deals. Hummm...I don;t think garage sales count as shopping :-)