Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I have arrived... !

I got to the airport yesterday morning to discover my flight had been canceled... but was able to get a later flight - re-routing to Houston rather than Newark. The flight to Houston was on this long, skinny Express Jet - flying hotdog - three seats across. My seat, of course, was cream of the crop - next to the door to the lavatory with a view of an engine out my window! As we landed in Houston, a little girl who was sitting with her mother across from me began turning green... and naturally there was no barf bag in either pocket. Luckily the feeling passed & the barf bag was not needed. On the flight form Houston to Raleigh/Durham there was a woman with a small child that reminded me of a bit Bill Cosby did several years ago... about a little boy named Jeffrey who was on a plane causing much grief to fellow fliers! The child on my flight screamed for the first hour --- the flight was an hour & 56 minutes! WHY didn't I bring headphones??
Lani (my daughter) and Hayli Grace met me at the baggage claim -- my bag was tenth on the carousel -- and we were on our way.
Today - Day 1 - has been mostly uneventful. Hayli & Kristen vie for my attention and I've been trying to get acquainted with Madeline. We spent the whole day at home - it was cloudy, windy & cold here - so plans to go to the park were postponed. The little girls are a joy to be around! It's fun to see them in their own element - although there is noticably some testing of the waters since I'm here.
Not sure what the rest of the week holds in store for us but I'm going to enjoy every minute of it!

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