Saturday, April 25, 2009

.:Wish lists:.

Creative title line, huh? Someone told me I should post a "wish list" here on my blog... let readers know things we're needing for the cabin... but when I sat down to do it I couldn't think of a single thing. Guess I wasn't trying hard enough. Anyway... today I discovered that I did have a few things on my wish list - and believe me when I say that this is in NO way at all like the guy's Freecycle "wish list" I posted a few days ago! Okay, here goes:
1) *comforter set for the queen size bed*,
2) *drapes/curtains for bedroom*,
3) *Corelle dinnerware*,
4) patio table (to seat at least 4),
5) patio umbrella (I have a stand),
6) patio swing...

Preface: The weather is just crappy today! It's chilly & doesn't know whether it's raining or not... so it just drizzles & makes life miserable!

My friend J & I had planned to go to an auction but decided that the "Clean Sweep" garage sale at the Event Center would be dry & warm so off we went. Turned out to be a good thing! Not many vendors... but I found some things that were on my "wish list" for the cabin! We have a queen size bed in storage - but had no queen size bedding. A couple weeks ago one of the local stores had sheets 1/2 off so I picked up a set of queen size sheets. I didn't feel like I could spend even 1/2 off the regular price for a comforter set though so I passed. Today, however, I found a *queen size comforter set* (shams, skirt, comforter & throw pillow) at the garage sale... for $10.00. The set is in nearly new condition & will go great with the sheets I got! I also found a pair of *heavy drapes* (42x84)...for $10.00 & they will coordinate well with the "new" bedding I got today. I may have to size them - make them a bit shorter & use the excess for valances or something. I also found *Corelle dinnerware* - nearly 10 complete place settings - in a green pattern - for $5.00. Jerry has been hounding me about taking my vintage Homer Laughlin dishes to the cabin - not that I have a problem with taking them - I think they'd be kind of an eclectic touch, but he thought that lighter weight dishes would be better. They'll go on the moving sale. Problem solved. I still haven't found a patio table, umbrella or swing... but have no fear... I'll keep looking!

We did end up going to the auction about noon... and it was still cold & drizzling... and my feet still haven't warmed up! J bought a few things... I just stood in the cold, shivering! I knew I should have just stayed home!

I made a pot of coffee when I got home and am now thinking about making some potato soup for dinner tonite.

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  1. It sounds like you had a productive day... and it was worth making that list !! ;-)

    Mmm... potato soup... It's been raining here for the last few days and potato soup with crusty bread sounds perfect for dinner! Or maybe pumpkin... :-)