Friday, April 24, 2009

Ohhhh! My achin' back!

The price of being a good friend & neighbor is often the physical pain that follows. Tuesday I spent the afternoon helping a friend/neighbor cleaning up the back yard of a rental house that new renters were moving into this week. Yesterday... he called about noon wondering if I had plans for the afternoon. I invited him over to have lunch with us... then Jerry & I went over to the rental to help. He had the trees, shrubs & plants all set out where he planned to have them planted. Jerry & I started with the shrubs & day lilies while our friend started digging holes for the large pine trees that would be the centerpiece of the yard. Jerry helped dig those holes since they were to be BIG... and I continued planting the other plants & hydrangeas. It was a very warm afternoon... lots of direct sunlight... thank goodness I remembered my 70 spf sunblock. By the time we got everything watered in & cleaned up we were ready to drop! Jerry & I headed to a local DQ for icecream. Today our friend is expecting a large load of mulch to be dropped off... but he hasn't called & we're not offering. My back & legs are sore... my face is still a bit pink... and I'm a little crabby!

Yesterday morning I had called my hair stylist with a hair emergency! Out of control cowlicks! Add humidity... and it gets ugly REAL fast!! My appointment was scheduled at noon. This morning at 10:30 while Jerry & I were at a garage sale (buying me a bike!) my phone rang. My stylist had a cancellation & could get me in early! Now my hair is under control... and life is sure to be better... at least for a while!

We went to a few garage sales... like we need anything else... I got a wood tray (to use as a base for all the wine corks my friends save for me), a little pottery candle holder, and a chef's apron; Jerry got a life vest. Total haul: $4.00. This weekend there is a "clean sweep" garage sale at the Event center... so we'll spend some quality time there tomorrow I'm sure... although I can't imagine WHAT in the world we'd need!

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  1. It sounds like a busy and productive day, but oh... don't you hate the aches and pains that show up later? LOL!
    This reminds me that I need to make a hair appointment for myseof SOON, because my cowlicks are getting out of control too!