Monday, March 30, 2009

April challenge for us..... No More Groceries

My pantry is full of crackers, stuffing mixes, muffin mixes, cereals, canned fruit/ vegetables/ meat & the like. We also have a freezer of various meats, a raspberry pie and a gallon of ice cream (okay - there's a few partial bags of flavored coffee in there too).

We are going to have a NO-BUY challenge for the month of April... no buying of any groceries other than eggs, milk & fresh fruit. This is a HUGE challenge because we run to the store for one thing and end up with a cart full of things that were not on the list - and it costs us $100 to walk out the door. I usually make a double batch of whatever we're having so we'll have leftovers; one less meal to cook.

Part of the reason for doing this is that in a few short weeks we'll be heading back to Colorado. If we don't eat all or most of what's in the pantry we'll either have to pack & haul the remaining canned/boxed food OR give it to my son Spencer or donate it to the local Food Bank. We did bring back a few groceries we had left in the camper when we came back to Nebraska last fall - but there are still several canned goods that we left.

I'll let you know how the challenge goes! As long as I'm making challenges.... we may as well give up TV as well. This whole digital TV is for the birds! Ugh!

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