Monday, March 9, 2009

Summer vacations and other stuff!

This weekend - again - was spent mostly with friends. Friday nite we celebrated the birthday of our friend P who turned 55 in February. She told us she had turned in a vacation request for July & it was approved... and she will be coming to Colorado to spend some quality time with us! Our friends M & D are planning to come out for a visit at the same time as P. M, D & P have campers and are planning to bring them out & park them at our place. Other friends L & B are hoping to visit at the same time if she can get vacation approved. We were hoping our good friends J & G (have been friends for about 10 years!) will come out as well... but they neither own a camper nor like to "rough it"... and the nearest motel/hotel is in town 8 miles away. I don't know if the rest of us talking about it will shame them into making plans to visit us as well! Another friend, S, is planning a trip West in September and is going to stop to see us for a couple days.

After spending most of Saturday helping with the memorial service of our friend S's mom we decided to "treat" ourselves to an adult beverage at a local *smoky* bar. A dozen of us huddled around a table near the door (fresh air) and stangely enough... a pickle card machine. A few of us tried our luck at pickle cards - changing $5.00 into a single dollar (they don't always pay off well). Jerry bought a few & we actually won $2.00...but as I was getting my coat on he put another $3.00 into the machine and we began opening them. I peeled back the little flaps on one card and noticed a red line going catty-corner thru the symbols... I looked to make sure that's what I saw... checked the back of the card... looked again at the red line... checked the back of the card again and announced "We Won $250!!!!" It was like a rebate for sitting in that *smoky* bar for an hour!

Saturday nite we went to the home of friends M & D. We snacked on homemade guacamole, dip & salsa, shrimp/cheese baked on crackers, peel-n-eat shrimp (not me!) and our new favorite adult beverage - milkshakes made with Kahlua!

Sunday (did you remember to move your clocks forward?) Jerry went to a gun auction while I went to a favorite antique mall. We headed to a Chinese buffet for lunch then PetSmart (got Skeeter a new heavy-duty chew toy that looks like a tire!) and the Dollar Tree where I found chef's aprons for the little girls in North Carolina. The rest of my day was spent on the phone with my mom, watching a DVD and finishing a letter to a friend. Not an exciting day... but kind of a nice relaxing way to unwind after Friday & Saturday.

Hope you all had a safe weekend.

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