Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend in the Land of Oz

FRIDAY we headed south to Kansas... the Land of Oz. I hadn't seen my parents since Christmas - so this visit was MUCH overdue! On the drive back today "Back Where I Come From" (Kenny Chesney) was playing and I thought it was appropriate! Friday nite we went to a little town near where my parents live - 30 miles is "near" (much like where we live in Colorado!) - and had dinner at a little steak place. Following dinner we drove back to my hometown, to the home of some cousins. We had a great visit with them and some awesome chocolate cake! Sleeping at the farm is always great... very peaceful... except for the bawling of the cows that make their home in the stockyard.
SATURDAY morning Jerry went to another gun auction... the bids were more than he was wanting to pay so he didn't buy much. I spent my late morning/early afternoon at the sewing machine. Sewing is NOT what I do best... but I can sew if I have to. A friend had given me some fabric a few years ago and I decided to pull it out of storage & put it to use. I made three sets of 4 napkins, two sets of 4 placemats and a table runner. The two sets of napkins & placemats will be gifts for a couple friends of mine in Colorado. Saturday evening my parents were supposed to go to the 50th birthday party of the guy who has been doing the farming for my dad the past couple years. Yet another good opportunity to see people I don't get to see often. Some of my favorite people were there - they had been 4-H leaders as well as Youth Group Leaders at church.
SUNDAY morning I went to church with my parents while Jerry went to Walmart. It's always a joy to go to church there... it gives me an opportunity to visit with people I don't see very often. A lot of my relatives go to church there so it's a little family reunion every time. Sunday evening was spent at church... celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Irish stew, desserts and Malarky. Never heard of Malarky? It's a card game, similar to Phase 10, in that every hand changes... as do partners! There were five tables, four at a table.
The best part of Sunday - was getting to visit with friends & relatives alike - answering questions about our cabin & sharing ideas for future plans there. Of course this caused some eyebrows to raise but that's okay!
TODAY... Jerry & I went to the little antique store in town and another antique store in a neighboring town. The weather was BEAUTIFUL. My brother & sister-in-law came from Pennsylvania and spent part of the day on the farm with us. I rummaged around in the Quonset and found a couple canisters that I remembered from my grandfather's house when I was little. I talked my dad into emptying the contents into other cans & cleaned them up to use in my kitchen!
Skeeter LOVED, loved, loved running around the farmyard... chasing cats & squirrels. He did have a small encounter with an electric fence this morning when he & Jerry were outside. It seems just his tail was zapped... and he must've gotten the idea that the fence meant business because when we were close to it, he dodged it!
It's good to be home, to sit in my own chair, use my own laptop and be able to sleep in my own bed tonite. Ahhhhhh! I guess that makes home the Land of Ahhhhs!

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