Monday, March 2, 2009

True Confessions...

I recently got an email about the dangers of using microwaves... and did a little online search of my own about the same. We've all heard about the dangers of micro-waves... there are signs posted in restaurants stating "Microwave in Use". Having gone from May to October last year without the convenience of a microwave while we were building our cabin and knowing that I will not be keeping the microwave we have in storage (no point in having to run the generator or using up precious solar energy to run the contraption) I figured the way to get used to not having this little luxury again is to simply remove it from the kitchen. Saturday I moved the microwave from the counter to the basement storage room. When we move out I will put it back - since it belongs to our landlord. I have some microwave popcorn that I will donate to a friend who does concessions for auctions. Supposedly there is something in microwave popcorn that is BAD. Last week we picked up a stovetop popcorn maker and then bought a bag of popcorn. So far the only thing I've really missed about the microwave is re-heating my coffee. Bye-bye microwave.

Last Friday we had friends over for dinner & to play cards. Our friend decided she REALLY liked the chromekraft table & chairs we'd gotten in December and offered to buy it from us. Jerry had been thinking this table & chairs was not really very "cabin-y" and that we should maybe think about getting something different. Well, there was a flea market in town this weekend and I happened to notice there was a drop leaf table & three chairs for sale... for $25.00. The table top is pretty scratched up & has some discoloration... but paint will fix that problem. We paid for the table, called our friends to seal the deal on the chromekraft set. They came over Sunday afternoon to pick up the table then we all went back to the flea market & picked up our "new" table.

I'm sure our neighbors, if they're paying any attention, wonder about the seemingly constant stream of furniture that goes in & out of our house. I'm anxious to get rid of the excess around here, get packed up and head back to the cabin!

New book I'm reading: BETTER OFF by Eric Brente.


  1. Congrats on getting rid of the microwave! We won't be taking ours with to the farm either. I always get the urge to pare down in the spring. Hope to get rid of a few things too. What a great deal on a table & chairs.

  2. I've taken some flack from a few people about not wanting to use the microwave... but to each his/her own I suppose. We're trying to live a simpler lifestyle & being off the grid, while it can be somewhat labor intensive in other ways, is SIMPLE!