Friday, March 20, 2009

But the cabin isn't done yet... next discussion...

The other day Jerry & I had a BIG discussion about several things regarding the cabin. Several months ago he proposed this: paint the south side of the cabin BLACK to absorb heat from the sun. There would be some kind of small structure added to the length of the cabin - with vents that go into the cabin to let the heat in. I was NOT real excited about the prospect of painting the exterior black... even if it was just one side. I guess he finally gave up on convincing me this was a good idea.
Along this same line of thinking... we were at Walmart discussing whether or not to start seeds/seedlings & take with us and the short growing season on the mountain. I asked, "why not build a sunroom/garden room kind of room onto the south side of the cabin?" Hmmm! He had to think about that... try to come with reasons why not!
We tossed around the idea of building a structure about two-thirds the length of the cabin using recycled windows and/or patio doors. The floor could be made of concrete pavers or flat rocks (laid on sand) which would absorb the heat. Raised beds and individual (large) pots could be used to plant the garden.
The eaves on the south side of the cabin would capture rain water which would go into the downspout (which would go thru the roof of the garden room) - which would then empty into a barrel. The water would be used to water our garden.
Many of you may know that Jerry has been a longtime fan of garden ponds, water plants and fish. I used this idea so he couldn't veto the plan! A small garden pond with a few plants & fish would be perfect!
Jerry (he's so smart!) reminded me at that point that we should FINISH the cabin BEFORE we start another building project!
Other projects to plan include composting bins, a shed for the generator, the chicken condo, and a storage shed (for tools & stuff).
Anyone interested in a working vacation?


  1. It sounds as if you have a lot of good ideas there!
    But how big will your barrel be? We're dry as dust here, but one mediocre day of rain filled our several thousand gallon water tank!
    I wouldn't want your garden room floded...:-(

  2. Keep thinking of new projects.. it's fun to have the dream even if it takes a while!

  3. I've been know to work for beer;-)