Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring is finally here... maybe...

Good morning Campers! Already at 9:30 it is 54 degrees. It's not real sunny, but hey! this is Nebraska - whaddaya expect?
Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL in every sense of the word. I sat outside on the porch (out of the sun) writing a letter to a friend, did a little reading, and even painted my toenails. A couple days ago I filled my lone birdfeeder (think I may have mentioned that?) and left the bag of birdfood on the porch. Duh! I walked out the front door yesterday to find that the squirrels had discovered it, torn the bag open & created a feeding trough of birdfood approximately 18" long by 2" tall under the rail. Mental slap to the forehead! I had saved a 64 oz. juice container for some reason (must've known I was going to do something stupid that would require keeping it) - so I grabbed a cup & funnel and cleaned it up. Evidently I'm a marked woman now as one squirrel came up on the porch while I was reading & I swear he flipped me the bird. He must've told his friends as there was quite a bit of chattering in the tree in our front yard - it was obvious they were cursing at me! Speaking of squirrels...we have good friends here who have terrible squirrel problems. The little critters dig in their patio flower pots & dig in the backyard plants... and even destroyed a patio swing... you know, the kind with cushioned seats & a canopy. Yup! Tore it to pieces. The sad part about that is - the neighbors feed them so they continue to hang around.
I noticed there are some flowers coming up in the back yard. I didn't notice them yesterday. The bushes along the fence line are loaded with buds as is the big tree in the front yard. The birds were quite noisy early this morning. When I looked out the back door I noticed the bushes were LOADED with little birds. I don't know enough about birds to pick out pick out more than a robin, cardinal & blue jay... but I do enjoy their son! I just love the sound of birds... especially the ones that are on those nature CDs... in fact, a couple of the blogs I follow have these nature songs on their sites (I've not figured out how to do that yet)... so I'll open their blog, read, then leave it open so I can listen to the peaceful sound of nature.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

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