Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

Today was another beautiful day in the midwest.......... no really!! At 9:30 this morning it was almost 55 degrees and later this afternoon it was nearly 80! I'm sure this weather won't last too long... We spent our time wisely, enjoying the backyard. Skeeter spent almost all day outside running, chasing squirrels, playing ball while I cleaned up the "minefield". I made a very healthy salad for lunch - Jerry wanted warmed up leftover pizza - and then we took three boxes of plastic containers, cans & bottles to the recycling center. We made a trip to Menards & picked up some birdseed followed by quick stops at a couple thrift stores. I found a noodle cutter and a "hanger-upper-thing" to put my necklaces on, a book and two cute tops.
Tomorrow is a friend's birthday & we're going to celebrate with her at a favorite bar. Another friend from about 50 miles away called this morning saying she was thinking of coming down Friday to hang out with us so we're going to initiate her into our group!
Saturday we hae a memorial service to go to... not so much fun... but that's life.

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  1. I wish we had your weather in Michigan right now!! Thank you for stopping by my log cabin blog!