Thursday, March 26, 2009

Liver & Onions and other stuff

Sounds yummy, eh? Not to some, but to each his own! Jerry & I really like liver & onions.... or onions & liver (we use LOTS of onions!) and don't really understand those who don't care for it. Last nite we had our friend T over for liver & onions. He said he'd never had it so this was a first for him. I also made mashed potatoes with liver gravy and homemade wheat bread... with raspberry pie & homemade ice cream for dessert. We had a nice time eating & visiting together. This morning when I woke up I could STILL smell liver and onions. By now - mid-afternoon - it is not noticeable.
Today we picked up tables from a friend that we will be using for the Mother of All Garage Sales on Saturday. Tomorrow morning we'll be heading to the Event Center to get the tables set up and begin setting out all the STUFF we're hoping to sell. Jerry brought out four more boxes of stuff (auction leftovers) that have not been marked yet... looks like that will be my plan for the rest of my day!
Life right now is pretty calm. Once we get past the Garage Sale this weekend I have a week to get ready for my big trip to North Carolina! It's been a year since I've seen my daughter Lani. Thank God for cell phones and email! She emails me pictures of the little girls, Hayli, Kristen & Madeline and keeps me informed about what cute (or not-so-cute) things the girls are doing. I am SO looking forward to spending a week with all of them - getting to know my new son-in-law, Kristopher & his little girl Kristen... reuniting with Hayli and meeting Madeline! It sounds like Lani & Hayli have made plans for things to do while I'm there: planting flowers, making Easter cookies, finishing a toy trunk and going to the beach to name a few!
I probably won't be back online until Sunday...


  1. Marcy,

    Can Jerry come out to play while you're away?


  2. Chicken Liver, onions and mushrooms rolled in seasoned flour. fried in a pan with a little butter of course. Don't tell anybody, but that is one of my weaknesses. My Grandaughter was here for a few days it was very nice. Love them and when they are dirty call Mom or Dad.