Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Mother of All Garage Sales... was a success!!

WOW!!! Where did the weekend go? We spent Friday setting up our booth at the Mother of All Garage Sales - we shared a 10 x 20 booth with friends whom we've done this same garage sale with for years. For a change WE had more stuff than our friends did - not that this is something we're proud of you understand! Usually the Friday nite set up turns into more of a swap meet for the vendors and we were NOT disappointed!! While I was unloading boxes & arranging stuff Jerry set out to scope out bargains! He found 6 of those heavy plastic patio chairs for $10... and also a wash tub - on wheels with a shelf below - complete with lid & drain hose for another $10!! Perfect for the cabin!!! Other treasures were glass chimneys for a couple kerosene lamps we had that had none - 50 cents each, a set of 6 plastic wine glasses (in 6 colors!) for $3.00, a set of 8 cloth napkins for $1.00, a Tupperware dressing shaker for 50 cents, two cream/green round enamel pans for $5.00, three cream/green valances for $1.00 (these will be great in the cabin kitchen!), a black basket with 4storage jars, and a saucepan for $1.00. I also bought a birdfeeder for 50 cents. The other thing we got was a couple of small tires (probably for a wheel barrow?) for $1.00/pair - for Skeeter. Jerry bought some birdhouses from another vendor for 50 cents each then sold two of them for $2.50 each! I can't tell you how many people asked about the wash tub - wanting to know how much it was. When I told these folks I had plans to use it I got varied responses - mostly about planting flowers in it - and nearly everyone who asked about it was surprised that I was planning to use it for its intended use - to wash clothes!
Don't get the idea that all we did was spend money because we did quite well selling our stuff and came home with much, much less than we took!! We also donated some of our unsold stuff to the People's City Mission. All in all it was a HUGE success! But we were VERY tired by the end of the day!

This morning we were getting ready to walk to Walgreens about 10-12 blocks or so from us. We noticed our neighbors across the street had set a couple loveseats out on the curb with a sign that said "FREE"!! We walked on by because we needed to go to Walgreens... but then I remembered I hadn't grabbed a bag out of the pickup... so we walked the 1/2 block back home... but not before we gave this loveseat (covered in cheesy southwest fabric) the sniff test. Didn't smell like animal or cigarettes so we picked it up, hauled it across the street & tossed it into the back of the pickup. We noticed when we picked it up that the legs had been replaced.......... with four 2x4 pieces on each corner! Again - cheesy, but an easy fix. We really didn't plan to get any more furniture to take to the cabin... but this was free... appeared to just need a slip cover or reupholstered (too much trouble) as the skirt around the bottom was torn & there were a couple places that had been worn & patched. The whole time we're moving this thing we're laughing about what rednecks we are... and what our friends would think. But hey! Free is free!!

We grabbed our bag & headed (again) to Walgreens. We picked up a few things we needed then walked across the street to the BK so Jerry could get a soda. There's a coffee shop next door so I ran in to get "good" coffee (they only sell organic and/or fair trade - and their "to go" cups are organic & 100% recycleable! When I walked in, the first thing I noticed was a large gorilla painted on a barrel. Turns out it was a water barrel complete with a spigot & filter! Gave me lots of ideas! When we left the coffee shop we walked toward home & wouldn't you know it - the Goodwill store was open! Jerry said "What could you possibly need at the Goodwill? We just got rid of a TON of stuff!". My reply: "I just want to see what they don't have - maybe WE have something THEY need!" We went in looked around... I really wasn't finding anything, but Jerry found an oak Eastlake lamp table - in great shape I might add - for $14.99 and a large folding table for $3.99 (we bought it for our garage sale-ing friends!) and a woven drink holder for $1.99. Since we were on foot and still about 7 blocks from home, we paid for our items, walked home & got the truck (which had the loveseat still in it). We loaded our items in the back, then drove to our friends' home to drop off the folding table and show off our big scores of the morning! I LOVE Goodwill shopping!! I just hope our friends don't start shopping there & getting all the good deals before we do!

This afternoon we've been sitting on the deck in our new chairs - enjoying the sunshine even tho' it's not terribly warm out. Tonite we'll be going to a birthday dinner for a friend... and then our week starts all over again.

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  1. Sounds like an exciting day! Free! The best 3-letter word in the world! :)

    Tijeras, NM