Friday, January 30, 2009

Auctions and thrift stores...

Holy Cow!!! This week has been crazy with auctions... topped off with a smattering of thrifting! We went to the usual Tuesday nite auction where Jerry found some things to sell on eBay: a couple vintage board games, vises, etc. People are always leaving boxes of unwanted items on tables or by the door - and others can dig thru them & pick out what they want! I found a wonderful wood salt shaker & pepper grinder - looked like they'd never been used! I also found a couple little Mexican pottery pieces.
Then Wednesday we went to a storage unit auction where I bought a set of pots & pans & a mixing bowl for son Dustin all for $14.00. I also bought for $3.00 a cute metal/wicker folding bookshelf. It folds up flat so it will be easy to pack & move!
Yesterday we went to our local Salvation Army! Jerry found several "how to" books, some "classics", a cool crystal that weighs almost 4 pounds, an antique soldering stick, a vintage First Aid Kit, a Boy Scout fly tying (?) kit and a bunch of little cruise ship paperweights that have a clock in them - all to sell on ebay. I also found a moose throw pillow made by Woolrich for 99 cents! And a brand new (NWT) set of three dish towels (I can always use more!). Those are keepers.
Later this afternoon there is another storage unit auction. It's mostly tools, I heard, so I don't know if we'll go or not.
One of the blogs I read had made mention of how expensive thrift stores are getting! I do agree on some items. A lot of housewares are priced "high" for items that are used. Most of the local thrift stores have their items priced about the same, although there is one which is part of a Catholic charity & their stuff is priced rather high I think. They do, however, have a nice selection of high end items and the shop is set up more like a boutique! It's a pleasure to shop there! Another favorie is the ARC which has great sales!
I'm hoping we're done auctioning & thrifting for a while... some of this stuff has to find new homes SOON!

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