Thursday, January 15, 2009

Domesticated Bliss...or Blissfully Domestic

Tonight I watched CSI & Eleventh Hour...and was just checking a few blogs I follow & my email once more before going to bed.

As I'm sitting here reading blogs about the lives of other women I realize that I'm not really different than they are... and how much we are alike.

I have little to complain about really. While my house is small - a place for everything & everything in its place. My house is clean (I wouldn't eat off the floors, but the rugs are vacuumed), dishes are done, counter & stove are clean, groceries have been put away, pantry & refrigerator straightened, toilet & tub are reasonably clean. The living room is picked up & having company drop by any minute would be okay with it looking like this. The bed is still made & it's almost bedtime. My closet is CLEAN & ORGANIZED! The garbage is taken out. The only thing left undone is smashing soda cans for recycling.

As much as I whine to Jerry about how much I have to do around the house, truth be told... I really enjoy being a "housewife", a domestic engineer. This truly is domesticated bliss... or is it blissfully domestic?

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