Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's a cabin!!!

photos: 2nd floor framed & sheeted; rafters completed; roof sheeting completed!
The cabin shell... and Skeeter with a chin full of porcupine quills!

October 18, 2008 - Saturday
Current mood: exhausted
Sorry for the delay in blogging... we've had to give up our Verizon wireless as we had NO coverage at our place & it was getting to be spotty at best at our usual spot at the RV park... plus it was a pain to drive 20 miles round trip to check email & keep up on my blog... and most times we didn't have the laptop with us anyway. Ugh!
As you see... today is October 18. We finished the roof sheeting yesterday and the cabin is now dried in & ready for the metal roof to go on! There is still SO much to do before it's actually livable but we've managed thus far.
We bought some really nice Italian porcelain tile for the hearth... there should be enough to do an area in front of the door as well. We have an apartment size refrigerator (fits under the counter) and an avocado green 3-burner stove out of an old camper. We got these for free from a gentleman who seems to have one of everything... and if he doesn't have it, he can get it! He's kind of "Sanford & Sons" (without the Sons) of Ft. Garland! We also got some stovepipe from him and a shower base!

Skeeter met up with a baby porcupine almost 2 weeks ago. He had been off exploring & I heard him yelp but didn't think much of it. When he returned he had about 100 quills in his lower lip & neck. I managed to bribe him with doggy treats & pulled out 20 or so... but he's a smart dog & figured out that everytime he was getting a treat it was ultimately going to cause him pain! By the end of day 2 of the quills his neck looked very full - full of infection - so he went to the Vet & got to take a little nap while the vet removed the rest of the quills. He was on an anti-biotic for a week & is healing nicely! He's now on a doggy vacation - staying with our friends who have a chocolate lab & an Irish wolfhound - while we're in Kansas & Nebraska for a few days.
Hopefully we'll get a chance to see our family & friends while we're here - it will be a short trip but we're hoping to make the most of it!

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