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November news...

November 11, 2008 - Tuesday
SNOW... and cold
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We got back to our place in the mountains about 1:30 a.m. today! We left Lincoln about 4:00 p.m. What a long drive! We slept in the camper... temperature was about 31 degrees. Luckily we had the usual sheet, thermal blanket & quilt on the bed... topped with a sleeping bag & another comforter. It wasn't too bad but I certainly wouldn't want to make it my normal sleeping arrangement. Anyway, tonite we're staying at a local motel. They're pet-friendly so Skeeter is right at home. He seemed glad to see me... and I was glad to see him.
After we put our truckload of stuff in the storage unit we headed to the coffee shop to visit friends. It was good to see people & catch up on what's been happening in the Valley. While we were there it started snowing & has been doing so off & on all day. I don't know how much is expected but even tho it's below freezing here it's actually not bad. (I'm just not thrilled with sleeping in the camper!)
Jerry has made arrangements to meet someone tomorrow to look at the roof of the cabin & give us a bid. We're planning on having the "standard" green metal roof. Once that's taken care of I think we're headed back to Nebraska.

November 9, 2008 - Sunday
So much for "plans"!...I’m tired of moving!!
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Well... I thought we had a plan... but as with most plans... there should always be a "Plan B"! I thought we'd be in & out of Lincoln in 10 days. HA! The weather didn't cooperate with our plan to have a garage sale the first week we were home... and we were caught up in the excitement of seeing family & friends we hadn't seen for 5 months that we really didn't care if it was raining or not!
Thankfully we have GREAT friends who were willing to buy our excess - lightening our load some... my Jeep, stacking washer/dryer, a rocker & ottoman, TV, sewing machine, the kitchen table, patio swing, a set of antique dishes... I'm sure I'm forgetting something... were BIG items that they bought. I also gave away quite a few things to the kids... but still we had too much!
Then we made a trip to the storage unit only to discover that there was MUCH more there than I had remembered putting in... VERY depressing! Ugh! So... we decided to give away a huge box of Hayli's leftover toys to a son & daughter-in-law who just had a new baby. That eliminated some of the stuff... my younger son took a couple things...and one of Jerry's sons took Hayli's twin size bed & two dressers. We made a trip to Kansas where my cousin has an antique store... and consigned a few larger items there & dropped off my pie safe & grandpa's hutch at the farm! Ahhhh!
We did end up having a 3 day garage sale & got rid of quite a lot... but again we were disappointed at how much was left over. We packed up a couple big boxes of things that we thought were worthy of being sold on eBay & took two truckloads of stuff to Goodwill. With one of our boys out of the house we were able to really start digging into what was left. My piano was the BIG item that I've had the most difficult time with... I hated the thought of getting rid of it... and offered to donate it to the church we'd been going to in Blanca... but they already had a piano (and no place to put another one!). Knowing how stressed out I was about the prospect of selling/donating my piano, our good friends offered to store it at a little rental house they have (it was not being rented) and then generously offered to let us rent their little house for the winter. It was an offer too good to refuse. We hauled the rest of our possessions to the little house & I have been sorting out what will go to Colorado to our storage unit there and what will stay here.
Hopefully tomorrow we can get on the road to Colorado. I'm sure my friend is WAY tired of Skeeter... and quite frankly, I miss having him around. Sounds like our trip to Colorado will be a rather quick one since we'll be staying in a motel (TOO cold to stay in an unheated camper & the cabin is nowhere near ready to live in - even for a couple weeks).
So... friends & family... have no fear... we'll be back in time for the holidays! And BTW... pretty much whatever I post from this point until next spring... is just going to be stuff... very little about the cabin or Colorado. I may mention a few things in the posts but since we're not actually there I won't have much to write about. Just wanted to give you a heads up!

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