Thursday, January 15, 2009

I admit it's more like an addiction...

Well... I hate to admit it... but I think thrift stores have become my "drug of choice"... and I am addicted.

Tuesday we had lunch with Jerry's dad & three of the boys... then went thrifting. I found a pepper grinder for one of the boys (he'd been wanting one & I found a S&P for $1.00). We made a stop at another thrift store & I left with a cute primitive, handmade felt throw pillow & four clear plastic glasses (the ones I have are getting cracked & will be throwing them away soon).

Yesterday I didn't leave the house... and felt like something was missing from my day so I spent quite a bit of time reading other blogs (there's some interesting stuff out there). That didn't help so I checked in with the couple of online groups I belong to. That didn't do it either... so as a last resort I decided to rearrange the living room furniture. Again, nothing! Well... I did feel some sense of accomplishment as Jerry was surprised when he saw what I'd done (he'd been reading in the bedroom & didn't know what I was up to).

Today we ran a big box to the Post Office, picked up a few groceries then went to lunch at HuHot Mongolian Grill. As we were leaving Jerry asked "where to?" and I said "home". He then asked if I wanted to go thrifting. Well of course I did!!! Silly man!

I didn't need anything... didn't want anything in particular... just the thrill of the hunt & getting a bargain! We went to the local Salvation Army. This place has more clothes than they know what to do with & walking thru the aisles of double decker clothes racks makes me a bit claustrophobic. Within minutes of walking in I found this darling little jacket - but it was $5.99 - more than I typically spend for clothes. I tried it on & Jerry said YES! We then dug thru 2 shopping carts full books... and took seven with us (we read a lot). Then I went back to housewares & stumbled across a pair of pillowcases (that will be made into valances for the cabin!). Jerry tracked me down - he'd found a relish tray that looks like a football field - perfect for SuperBowl & was only 75 cents. Then he found a throw pillow (humm! hadn't he'd gotten after me the other day for buying a throw pillow?). While he was off looking for more treasures I found a cute top from The Limited, a couple sweaters (Banana Republic) and a cashmere top.

I certainly feel better... but I really didn't need all that stuff. Argh!

Is there a 12 step group for people like me? Tomorrow will be better!

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