Thursday, January 8, 2009

...and I care about this game... why???

A friend called today wanting to know if we wanted to watch the Oklahoma Sooners play (someone - Florida I think) tonite. Jerry was going to watch it at home but it's always more fun to get together with friends to watch other teams duke it out... and not care too much about the outcome of the game. Of course, I wish the Sooners the best since my sister & brother in law live there & like the Sooners.

Anyway... I asked Jerry what we should take & he suggested I make my coconut shrimp -it's sooooo yummy! So I ran to the store & got the shrimp & other secret ingredient (you'll never get it out of me!) came home & threw the shrimp in water to thaw... only to discover I had bought SHELL ON shrimp. UGH! Guess how I'll be spending my time this afternoon. Double UGH!

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