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July 2, 2008

July 2, 2008 - Wednesday
And the rest of the day....

Today has been rather long... Skeeter woke me up at 3:15 this morning wanting to go out... but not by himself! I wasn't going out so he had to cross his legs until about 6:00. I did notice, however, at 3:15 that the sky was black... but dotted with stars! The Big Dipper was just overhead. With my night cut short, I couldn't go back to sleep so I laid there thinking about the family of a 20-year old girl who was caught in an avalanche on Mt. Blanca in January. Her brother managed to get out of the snow but she was trapped. Her body was just recovered last week.
Jerry lit a fire in our "redneck grill" & we made hotdogs for lunch & ate outside at our little picnic table. We had thought we were would go to Mtn. Home Reservoir & let Skeeter swim while Jerry fished... but it kept thundering so we figured it was best to stick around "home"... and pretty soon....... the sky opened up & it POURED! We may be entering into the monsoon season - but we thought it was toward the end of July not the beginning!
The nice thing about these rains is that it rains, it quits, things dry out & the skies are blue again. (This is much like the rains we've experienced in Estes Park & Manitou Springs.) We're thankful for that because even tho the sand sticks to Skeeter, he can still run around outside & burn off some of his energy! (Glad I don't have that problem!)
Tonite we heated up some leftover hamburger helper & carrots & ate outside. Jerry lit another fire to get rid of the mosquitos. And now... it's dark & cloudy... cool... I can hear the train going down the track... and the water coming down the stream! Another peaceful night in the Valley.

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