Saturday, January 3, 2009

photos: framing nearly complete; deck stained; main floor sheeting complete
upstairs floor joists complete; upstairs wood floor installed; stairs installed.
September 20, 2008 - Saturday
A slow but steady progression.
Yes... it's been almost another 2 weeks since I've updated this! Seems like the only time I check email or updated the blog is when we do laundry. I guess you all knew that! I had 124 emails & 91 in my junk mail! Obviously I'm not doing too well at responding to or forwarding emails.
Since my last update... things have progressed slowly but surely! We have the stairs to the 2nd floor installed, four of the six wall sections have been erected - two more to go and then we put the upstairs gable ends up and start on the roof rafters. We're counting on the weather to cooperate so we can get that much accomplished by the end of next week. The stairs to the deck have been installed, the woodstove has been moved into the cabin with the help of a friend/neighbor down the road. There's SO much left to do and time is really running short.
Already fall is here... the night temps are in the low to mid-30's and the days are in the mid-60's to low 70's. Perfect for working outside... but then there's the wind & rain to contend with! Thankfully we've not had any snow other than a couple weeks ago Mt. Blanca got some.
This past Monday Jerry was trimming the upstairs floor joists with the circular saw (left handed, while sitting with his leg dangling over the edge ) when the blade kicked back & cut his leg. Luckily it is "but a flesh wound" (Monty Python) and was easily taken care of with peroxide & a couple Band-aids. He told me it stung a little bit... didn't really hurt... but to hear him tell others... the pain must be similar to childbirth! He also mentioned that he'll be telling people he was gored by a wild elk or something?! Men! Anyway, we took off Tuesday... just to settle our nerves (plus, it rained!) and then worked on the cabin Wednesday... taking Thursday to cut wood out on our lot in Forbes Park. When we got there I could hear the elk bugling up on the mountain. I believe that's the first time I've actually heard this sound in person. It's really something! We took out 10 standing dead aspens & pine trees - cutting them into 6 foot lengths; we hauled them to our place and cut & stacked them... no point in stacking twice! Ugh!
Last week we had a birthday party for a friend - who turned 67 & doesn't look like she's 50 yet! Tonight we're having dinner with friends at their cabin and again tomorrow night another birthday! We have quite the social calendar! Ha!
We're planning a trip back to Nebraska & Kansas mid-October. My nephew is getting married 10/18... and we will be getting rid of our stuff in the house in Lincoln... and packing up what we plan to bring back (not much from what Jerry says!). We're hoping to see as many friends & family members as we can during the short time we're home... and maybe take in a Husker football game while we're home!
I guess that's about all I know for now. Thanks for your comments & emails... it's nice to hear from you all! See you when we get back!

September 7, 2008 - Sunday
Two weeks later on Miracle Mountain

WOW! Two weeks .... I can't believe I've not updated this for two weeks! We've been really busy working on the cabin! The framing is, of course, completed, the exterior sheeting done, the floor joists for the loft are in & the loft floor is being installed. We got another load of lumber delivered late last week - that will be the framing for the loft walls & rafters!! We also got the stairs to the loft in and the landing will be done by tomorrow. We just keep plugging away & things have been going remarkably well... we are pleased at the progress we've made & are hoping to have the cabin all dried in before mid-October as we'll be making a trip back to Nebraska for my nephew's wedding & a new grand-baby (thanks to Bryan & Jessica!). We'll also be cleaning out the house we've kept rented & have a garage sale!
Our friend Jenny hooked us up with a vintage (?) Franklin woodburning stove (it's BIG - probably close to 300 pounds!). Strangely enough, the model name is SCANDIA - which is the town I grew up in in Kansas. It's got some rust that I will be sanding off... and then we'll repaint the entire stove a flat black (heat resistant paint, of course) and we'll have to have one door repaired (we have a friend who welds so we'll probably ask him to fix it).
Doing laundry as I write... and then off to the coffee house to help clean chilis. There will be several of us there - there must be a lot of chilis to clean - and then we're cooking out! Our other socializing has included a UFO watch party 2 weeks ago - we had a BBQ / potluck, a bonfire & a friend who retired from NASA who gave us a guided tour of the stars & satellites. No UFOs were sighted but a good time was had by all! Another friend is having a birthday party in a couple weeks & we're planning a pig roast to celebrate!
I guess there's not a lot more news to report from here... although we do have an offer on one of the lots we're selling! He's anxious to close - would like to close before the end of September - so we're just believing that it's in "the plan"!
I'm downloading pix so be sure to check them out & see how far we've come!
Have a blessed week!

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