Thursday, January 8, 2009

Auctions... and more auctions...

Every Tuesday night there is a regular household auction in a nearby town. Things go CHEAP at this auction (I don't know how the auction company makes ANY money!). We used to go to this regularly when we had a booth at an antique mall & were doing eBay... obviously since we've been in Colorado we've not attended. In the past month we've gone every Tuesday night. There's usually not much we need or want there - we did buy a coffee table last week - the kind with the little bear on its back with the glass top... BUT we've brought home a few things that we're selling on eBay. When one spends a $2.00 or less for a whole box of stuff... anything you make is PROFIT!

This same auction company buys delinquent storage units & auctions off the contents. It's amazing to me that people would PAY to store some of the CRAP that comes out of the units! We attended such an auction yesterday. One box was full of pots & pans... most looked like they had been taken off the stove & thrown in a box with food still stuck to them! Can you say GROSS!?!?!?!? The little house we're renting has a pantry but strangely, not many shelves. And do you know there were 5 stacking bins at this auction... and I got them all for $1.50. I figure they'll work in the cabin as well so that's a bonus! Included with the bins were 5 t-shirts... all of them in my younger son's size! Bonus for him! My big score (for another $1.50) was this manual hand mixer. It has a canister & three types of beaters & a spatula - everything fits in a base. I don't know if I'd be able to make cookie dough...but it would certainly work for making pancake or cake batter. Jerry bought STACKS of books (Nazi, football, gun) and a stack of pamphlets from the 1950's - 1960's from historical sites across the U.S. One interesting item, I thought, is a recipe book from the FLORIDA SANITARIUM & HOSPITAL. Looks like from the 1950's. We've sold similar paper items on eBay & done well with them. It's amazing what people collect. He was up until about 1:00 a.m. listing stuff on eBay.

Our friends heard a local radio station advertise "The Mother of all Garage Sales" in March. It's a one-day event... we've done it before & done well. Whatever doesn't sell on eBay will go to this event. Goodness knows I have LOTS of stuff to get rid of!

In the meantime... my house looks like a tornado hit it... and that doesn't seem to bother Jerry. This little house has another very small bedroom (not sure one could actually get a bed in it)... and the computer desk is in it... however the computer sits on the kitchen table so the TV is in direct view. Ugh! Today he goes for a physical of sorts to see if he'd be eligible to participate in a medical study. It's a weeklong stay... and if he makes the cut... I'm going to clean out that extra room, organize it & move the computer & all the auction stuff into that room! I can't live like this much longer!

I'm starting to crack!!!

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