Monday, January 26, 2009

The Gun Show Came to Town...

My husband Jerry LOVES to go to gun shows and especially the ones that also showcase early American primitive arts. This was the weekend that the gun show came to town! These folks like to wear period clothing, right down to the accessories. There were LOTS of handlebar mustaches, long, shaggy beards, long hair, little round wire-rimmed glasses, quite a few semi-toothless smiles & one gentleman who had obviously stolen Andy Rooney's eyebrows! Unfortunately, some of the ones who REALLY take the early American stuff to heart… also embrace the early American hygiene… a bathe once a week whether they need it or not! (JMHO) Having a sensitive nose in a place like that is not a good thing!!

As much as I complained about having to go… I went… more to keep tabs on what he was buying than anything else. We went Saturday afternoon for about 3 hours. We split up at the door because he wanted to look at guns & I get tired of hearing how I need a handgun...that and the fact that he doesn't appreciate my comments or my lack of knowledge of guns & bullets! So I went wandering around looking at all the early American primitive arts & visited with some of the vendors. Some of these folks are really quite interesting. There was a tipi and folks playing "olde timey" music. There was a couple who made beautiful, although rather utilitarian pottery, several others who made jewelry (sterling silver, semi-precious stones, etc.) and some who had “flea market” type things for sale. I bought a cast iron bacon skillet (with the ridges & a spout), a picture frame made of twigs & birch bark and a little necklace/bracelet set – silver & turquoise.

Since we spent so long there Saturday I figured I’d done my “time“... but NOOOOOO! He wanted to go back again Sunday afternoon! I met a man who makes war clubs, primitive tools & knives from flint (interesting man and equally interesting items)and a man who deals in tanned animal hides & leather goods. The very last table in the place had the head of a small bear sitting on it. I was intrigued by it since we have an actual bear skin. The guy said he wanted $50 for it… Jerry talked him down to $25. I also bought some homemade soap!

The weekend was quality time spent with Jerry. Oh wait! He’s retired & I don’t work… I guess this was just quality time – not spent at home!

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