Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday morning musings...

Living in the city (can you call Lincoln a city, really?) our neighbors are quite close. Every morning when I make coffee I'm greeted by my neighbor's cat who sits in a window across from my kitchen window. My cat, Miss Ruffles, was a 14-year old long haired black cat with amber eyes I had rescued from the Humane Society.

Having 100-pound Skeeter, I've not really thought too much about getting another cat since Miss Ruffles passed away two years ago on New Years. Jerry thinks that we'll need at least a couple outdoor cats to keep down the mouse population at the cabin.

Yesterday Jerry & I went with friends to the tiny town of Venice, Nebraska looking for bargains at a favorite antique store. This store does have very reasonable prices on antiques & collectibles - but you have to look for them!! My "big" buy was a glass tea jar (the kind Hoosier cabinets used to hold) for $5.00. We then drove another 20 miles to Fremont & browsed the antique stores there. Most of the prices in these stores are WAY more than Jerry & I wanted to pay, however I did find two more glass jars (one is a medium/large Hoosier jar)... not quite the bargain I found in Venice, but they are utilitarian & will be put to good use storing food in our pantry.

I've looked for canisters that I liked, that are not too expensive but have not been able to find any. So on a trip to the farm in Kansas last year I scrounged through my mom's cold room (where the canned goods are stored) and latched onto several big blue canning jars with zinc lids. I use these as I would use canisters. They're primitive, rustic & antique-y... and utilitarian...fitting in with the look we hope to achieve in the cabin.

Last nite we celebrated the birthday of a friend. Our group of friends met at a local nightclub (read: it has a bandstand, dance floor & bar). It's always fun to get together. I hadn't really realized how much I had missed our friends last summer until we came back for a couple weeks in October. Now, however, I'm feeling kind of homesick for Colorado, for the friends we met there, and for the space we have to wander around without being able to see the neighbor's cat in a window.

I've been staying up late at night, tired but can't sleep, reading blogs of people who are living green, off-the-grid, organic lives. I've bookmarked some who make their own soaps, candles, and cheese. These are things I'd like to work toward... how difficult can it be? Ha!

I had some other things I wanted to say this morning but my brain is foggy... the coffee hasn't taken effect yet. I guess those things will wait for another time.
Have a great Sunday!

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