Saturday, January 10, 2009

Things... in general....

These things came to mind about the time I was working on a New Years Resolution... I took the time to jot down a few things that irritate me. Maybe it's just to get them off my chest so I can deal with them. Of course, my "dealing" with them won't cause many/any to change... it's strictly within myself. I hate to sound like a "Debbie Downer" so I also jotted down some happy things & things I'd like to do or learn to do!

- litter & the people who do
- people who don't flush public toilets
- people who don't tip or tip too little
- people who take two parking spaces! LEARN HOW TO PARK or take the bus!
- cigarette butts & smoldering cigarettes
- people who smoke with little kids in the car!
- people who smoke with little kids in the house!
- people on public assistance who seem to have money for cigarettes, booze & drugs... and drive NICE, NEW cars!!
- bottled water...get a resuable bottle & use tap water...invest in a water purifier
- plastic shopping bags! Use those nifty recycled bags & maybe get a discount on your purchases!
- city lights - you can't see the stars!
- kids (& some adults) who have the car stereo cranked up so loud the windows rattle - we'll see them in line for hearing aids in the future
- kids (& some adults) who wear "saggin'" pants. Grow up! You look ridiculous! Buy a belt or pants that fit! They'll be having hip replacements before long!
- "muffin tops" - girls... do you really think having your belly hang over the waistband of your jeans is attractive? Get a full length mirror & take a good look!!
- "camel toe" - again, girls... Did you paint your pants on? or jump off the bed to get into them? How can this possibly be comfortable? ARGH!
- people who allow their children to cry,scream, or pitch a fit in stores. More than once I left a cart full of groceries & took my kids to the car for a "discussion" about store etiquette! Of course I went back in & finished my shopping when it was apparent that we all understood each other!

I'm sure there are other things... but these came to mind loud & clear!

- church... being able to worship freely
- the smell of rain in the mountains
- the sound of thunder as it bounces around the mountains
- fuzzy kittens & puppies
- kisses & hugs from my little Hayli!
- getting an unexpected email
- sharing a bottle of wine with friends & listening to good music!

- raise a large, productive garden
- can the veggies that grow in my garden
- learn to dehydrate fruits & veggies
- make my own shopping bags (to give as gifts or sell)
- learn to make homemade soap
- learn to make homemade candles
- work on my crocheting skills
- learn better ways of recycling, reusing, repurposing

Anything you want to add?


  1. This is my second try the first post did not take. I quit smoking 17 years ago. Even then I hated cigarette butts at every stop sign. I worked in the oxygen business for years. I have an asthmatic son. (heredity). Asthma is on the rise and most can be prevented "by not smoking around developing lungs". When my boy where's his pants down low he gets a super wedgie, believe I can do it hard and high. I agree with most of "things that tick me off ". Say it loud and say it often. Have a great new year! Have a sense of humor! and remember, in the words of a great philosopher,(Charlie Brown) happiness is a warm puppy!

  2. Sorry about my apparent illiteracy, my wife said you would think that I am an idiot. Apparently it is OK for her to think that but not anybody else.(just kidding) (I think?) The "where's" is supposed to be "wears" his pants down.


  3. BP: My friend, your wife is TOO funny! I got the general idea of "where's" vs. "wears"... I just let it go! Usually I'm hyper-critical of misspelled words or worse... punctuation errors (apostrophes put where they don't belong are a pet peeve!).
    Hey! I should add that to my list! :o) I thought of a couple more items & added them to my "ticked off" list!

  4. I think I love you! (in a sisterly way, grin!) Everything you listed SHOULD be common sense, I guess it just isn't as common as it should be...

    I also agree with your previous post about WalMart, I used to go to the 24 hour super WM, I worked weird hours, I found it easier to shop when there wasn't as many people and poorly behaved children running around, though I would often be surprised to see at least one person in there with their young children and sometimes babies, shopping at 2 and 3 in the morning! I'm so glad that I don't have to deal with that too much any more, the small, super small community where I live doesn't have much in the way of kids, and the few that are here tend to be pretty well behaved.

    Love your site.


  5. Wretha ~
    We actually went to WalMart today & it was almost pleasant! I'll be glad to get back to our cabin... the nearest WalMart is 30 miles from town (tack another 8 miles on to get to our cabin). When one drives that far one had better make a day of it & get as much done as possible!
    Thanks for commenting... sometimes I wonder if I'm writing as therapy for myself or if anyone reads this!