Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's been a slow week!

I'm not complaining, mind you, just making note of it! Last weekend we traveled to the home of my father-in-law to spend time with family at the funeral of a dear uncle! He had been a SeaBee during WWII; the local Color Guard gave him a 21 gun salute & Taps was played as he was laid to rest. It was, of course, a sad time - but also time to reconnect with some of Jerry's cousins & other relatives.

Skeeter got to spend some quality time kenneled at the veterinarian's while we were gone & was VERY excited to be home. I don't know if he missed his tennis balls or me more!

Tuesday was auction night. Jerry bought some more stuff... but not a lot! eBay sales have been doing well so I can't really complain about that either!

Yesterday I finally knuckled under and called a local moving company to move our stacking washer/dryer out of the kitchen down to the basement. It was not an easy move for them by the sounds of it... but at least it's done! The washer/dryer has been sitting in the kitchen since we moved in - in November & we've been hauling our laundry to a launderette every week. Ugh! Our landlord came over & changed out the hoses & I did a load of laundry last night. Today is supposed to be REALLY nice, so I'll do a load of towels & hang them outside to dry in the sun! We moved the Hoosier cabinet into the space where the washer/dryer had been which made more room in the living/dining room.

Hopefully this trend will continue & the rest of the week / weekend will be calm.

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