Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Darn Digital TV anyway....

We are BASIC challenged to say the least!!
We've been using a BASIC 10 year old laptop computer - and we know how to use the BASIC features (the Microsoft programs, email & eBay).
Our cell phones are BASIC... no fancy downloaded ringtones or cameras; we can hook up to the internet on our phones & have something called T2T... but have never so much as tried either one!
Our most recent techological challenge has been in the last day when we changed from analog TV to digital. We've been cable-free or satellite-free for close to 5 year and our television is most likely 10+ years old. We've been using rabbit ear antennae for reception. Even with the rabbit ears we got 9 or 10 channels - some of them looked like snow storms while others were a bit static-y. Static had become the norm for TV viewing & we were actually okay with it. Now we have this digital conversion box & have scanned it just like we were instructed to do. We don't get all the same 9 or 10 channels we got before - although we do get PBS channels (3) which we previously did not get - however we get "NO SIGNAL" on at least 4 of the channels and depending on the cloud coverage the other channels consist mostly of little pixel boxes and sound like a vinyl record that is scratched & skips! Grr!! Hardly worth turning on the TV. We did look at 19" & 22" flat screen TVs the other day. They're pretty reasonably priced - but who knows if we'll have ANY kind of TV reception on the mountain without satellite (which I understand is pricey out there).
Who knows what we'll end up with in Colorado. We may have to rely on the radio, newspapers & the occasions when we can sneak a peak at a friend's house. Darn "progress". Darn digital TV anyway..........................

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  1. I use rabbit ears. I want to use rabbit ears. I don't want to buy a converter. I don't want to buy a new TV. I like TV the way it is. This is big business %^&#%$ing with us again!