Wednesday, February 18, 2009

25 Random Things About Me - everyone else is doing it!

I read a lot of blogs... not religiously... but I do try to read each one at least once a week. I've noticed that many of them have this thing called "25 Random Things About Me". I thought this was kind of self-centered, tooting one's own horn, but as I read these I discovered they are really quite interesting & sometimes very funny. So... here goes!

1) I am an adopted child. Twice. Once by my parents; and again by God.

2) I have seven children. 6 boys, 1 girl. Four of the boys are not mine but I love 'em like they were! They're great!

3) I found my biological family & have three siblings I didn't know about...whom I love very much!

4) I am technologically challenged. How do I manage to use the computer?

5) I have a little sign in my kitchen that says "I have a kitchen because it came with the house". Truth is - I enjoy cooking - especially for company.

6) I am a better "mama" (read: grandma) than I was a mother. I love being "Mama Marcy" to Hayli & Kristen... and Madeline!

7) I discovered last summer that to have a dream & see it happen before your eyes is an incredible thing!

8) I also discovered last summer that I had the physical strength to do things I thought I could never do!

9) I was raised in a small, rural town in Kansas - the heartland, the Land of Oz! It's nice to "go home" once in a while!

10) I don't like spiders and snakes.

11) I don't like summers in the Midwest!

12) I LOVE dancing with my girlfriends! (I dance like no one's looking!)

13) I cry at the darned-est things: military personnel homecomings (doesn't even have to be my kids!), news reports of children being abused or killed, obituaries of babies or children, I've cried at funerals I played for - for people I NEVER even met!...Extreme Makeover, Hallmark commericials...the little commercial that a local TV station plays promoting Lincoln/Nebraska...

14) I need to learn to love my body & take better care of it. It's the only one I have.

15) I love Mexican food.

16) I drink wine on a regular basis (meaning weekends).

17) I forgive... but I don't forget. I really need to work on that!

18) I am a "FRIENDS" junkie! I can see myself in both Monica & Phoebe. :o)

19) I'm getting closer to #25!!

20) I don't speak any foreign language.

21) I believe coffee should be a food group unto itself!

22) I LOVE our place in Colorado... our cabin... the view of the mountains... the friends we've made there... the church we attend...

23) I hate wearing panty hose & high heels!

24) I rarely wear makeup anymore... or very little when I do wear it.

25) My God and my family are the two most important things in my life!

There you have it! 25 Random Things About Me!

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