Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stand Up and Say "Ah"

My husband found this little article in the February 1947 edition of The Reader's Digest. I thought it was very interesting & worth passing along - considering this article was written more than 60 years ago! Almost Prophetic!

Michael Wright in Better Homes & Gardens

This is how it is in Britain. The doctor got back to his office just at two o'clock. "How many?" he said to his nurse.
Casually, he put on his white jacket and poked his head into the waiting room where the 40 patients sat. "Will those of you troubled with headache please stand," he said.
Six stood. The doctor took identical printed prescriptions out of his desk and handed one to each of the six and dismissed them.
Then he said, "Will those of you troubled with a cough please stand." Another group got up, and again he handed them printed prescriptions and dismissed them.
The others he took one by one into his private office for a few minutes. Two hours later the office was empty, the 40 patients gone. This was an average of three minutes to a patient.
And that, Dr. Edward H. Ochsner of Chicago testified at the recent Wagner-Murray-Dingell bill hearings in Washington, is how it is with socialized medicine in Britain.
In Germany, where they also had a compulsory system, some doctors did even better - 30 to 40 patients in one hour.
This is how most doctors believe it will be here in America if our own womb-to-tomb compulsory health scheme becomes law.

Something to think about........


  1. And it's not just happening in Britain. Australia has the same form of Socialized Medicine and I have yet (in 13 yrs) to find a Dr that I feel comfortable with - or who meets "my" criteria.
    We may have "healthcare for everyone", but at what cost?

  2. I understand Canada also has this same form of socialized medicine! The scary thing for me... is that this was written in 1947!!!!! What foresight! How prophetic!!