Thursday, January 28, 2010

The people you meet........

Sometimes I'm amazed at the people I meet. Since I was old enought to walk & talk my mom said I never knew a stranger. Yes, I have the gift of gab! And if you've been following my writing for any amount of time you'll also know that I LOVE thrift store shopping!

Let me back up just a bit.... we came back to Nebraska for Christmas & haven't gone back to the cabin yet (hey! it's only been a month). The problem is... I had packed up most of my kitchen stuff & hauled it to the cabin last spring. Being in the rental house without a fully-loaded kitchen is the pits & I've had to fill in a few gaps at the local thrift stores (measuring cups/spoons, knives, mixing bowls, cereal bowls, etc.). Now onward...

One day Jer & I were thrift store shopping - I was looking at books (big surprise) and he had disappeared. He came around the corner with a food processor in his hand - like the one in the photo only not complete - and a big grin on his face! I was SOOOOO excited! You see, I have a complete one, just like the one in the photo, at the cabin & another (not complete) in the camper... both 700 miles away!

One of the gals who works in the thrift store noticed how excited I'd gotten over something that seemed so mundane & utilitarian. I explained to her that this is by far my most favorite kitchen utensil (in its entirity) and that I already have a couple of them! She asked WHY I needed a third if I already have two. I explained to her that we'd been living off the grid in a cabin and this little kitchen gizmo was a HUGE time saver. It slices, it dices, it chops & grates... this thing cuts up onions & potatoes for hashbrowns, will chop cranberries, apples & oranges for cranberry relish, slices carrots & cucumbers for salad, grates cheese... it has a little device for beating eggs or light batter. It's AWESOME!!!

I could see the wheels turning in her head. She then began to question me about the cabin & what it's like to live off the grid. One questions really stuck in my head: "What one thing don't you have that you'd like to have?" Hmmm. My answer: "Running water!" I gave her our card - that has this site address as well as our email addresses & phone numbers - and told her that if she'd like to learn more she should log on or drop me an email & I'd be happy to give her more information. She then asked, much to my surprise, if we had considered a "live off the grid vacation" - where those who want to experience living off the grid & doing all the things we do could come out & spend a week living "without". I told her we had not thought about that (except for our friends who come to visit & stay in a motel) but that would be a good idea. When I mentioned it to Jer, he thought maybe that could make us a little money as well.

Who knows if we'll do that. I've always thought running a bed & breakfast would be fun... maybe we could run a cabin & camper... the camper being our "guest house". Something to think about... all because of someone I met in a thrift store!

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