Thursday, August 27, 2009

.: End of August ~ Winter's on its way:.

Sunday after church we loaded up the trailer, the chainsaw & Skeeter and headed to our lot in Forbes Park to cut wood. We have A LOT of dead standing trees so that's what we cut... not the live ones! We cut a trailer load - probably a cord of wood. It rained when we got home... and Monday so we cut the logs up on Tuesday & got it all stacked.
Yesterday was "project" day - we cut 1" x 6" pine and made a drop-leaf kitchen table. Today is errand day (going for groceries, a trip to LaJara for aspen & possibly wood sidin)... so tomorrow I'll try to polyurethane the table... and maybe the kitchen walls & cabinets as well. Jerry said he's going to start building cabinet doors for the lower cabinets. Jerry also cut up a large pine stump (sliced it actually) then burned our house/lot number onto it. We'll get it hung up by the road so the UPS/FedEx/911 people can find us!
The hearth is still not completely tiled. The kitchen counter is still not tiled (we haven't even got the HardieBacker board on it yet!). BUT... we did order some triple-wall pipe for the woodburning stove and a 24 1/2" x 18 1/2" kitchen sink (it's for an RV - but just the right size for our kitchen!). Just waiting for it all to be delivered!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another update...

Again... it's been more than two weeks... but I just can't seem to keep up with everything!
We've been on "vacation" for about a week - friends from Nebraska came to visit & we enjoyed taking them around. Spent a day in Taos, NM and another day driving Old LaVeta Pass, shopping in LaVeta... eating & drinking too much...but SO glad they came to visit! We're looking forward to them visiting again in October!
*We now have 13 windows in the cabin.
*Most of the upstairs aspen tongue & groove has been completed - walls & ceiling anyway.
*We also have closet rods hung up... and clothes hanging on them!
*We moved the bed upstairs (no simple feat, I might add) a week ago Saturday - with the help of friends. We had to saw thru the supports of the box springs, fold it in half, push/pull it up & reassemble the supports with additional supports. The mattress went up MUCH easier!
*We have insulated the main floor... all but the bathroom which is currently a storage area.
*We're hoping to get the aspen up on the kitchen walls - starting this weekend maybe?
*We also need to get busy doing the siding - I think we've decided on 1" x 10" rough sawn pine & we'll put cedar stain on it (we have about 12 gallons of it so we should use it!).
*We're about ready to get the woodstove hooked up... I think we finally have all the parts we need to make it work. Before we get it completely hooked up we'll have to get the hearth tiled... more fun!
Yes, of course, there are injuries! Not severe, but I have been on the injured list twice in the last week... both times I fell out of the camper - once landing on my rear end (landed on the metal bar that holds the metal step) and second stepping on the wood below the step (spraining my right ankle & bruising my left knee). No!! Alcohol was not involved in either incident!
We've seen LOTS of deer - mostly young bucks - red fox, porcupine, a small (200+ pound) black bear, small (less than 2 feet long) rattlers - all fairly close to our place. We have a resident lizard living in the woodpile. We have trapped/killed about twelve or so mice (Skeeter killed one the other nite!). The word is out that my hummingbird feeders are full... we've gone from three full-time hummingbirds to close to a dozen. They are a constant source of enjoyment & make for great photographs!
GARDEN: Although we've not seen any rabbits at our place there is evidence of one: the darn thing has chewed off the tops of my green bean & zucchini plants! Grrrr! We'll have a few carrots, radishes & onions but not much else. Better luck next year?
TECHNOLOGY: I still haven't downloaded a compatible driver so I can download my photos.
I probably won't get much done if I don't get off this machine... I'll be back in a couple weeks I suppose! :o)