Sunday, June 7, 2009

We're here!!!!

We left Lincoln on Saturday May 30... pulled onto our property in the mountains about noon on Sunday, May 31. We got rained on in eastern Colorado... and decided after getting thru Colorado Springs what we really wanted to do was sleep.
We found everything pretty much how we left it... just dustier! No one finished the cabin for us while we were gone. Oh well. The roof looks great in person... the roofers left the left-over green metal for us (not sure what we're supposed to do with it?). We pulled the camper out & got it set up. It seems much smaller than it did last year. We also discovered that there is a broken water pipe... so we can't currently use the water pump & have to haul water from a 55 gallon barrel. Not a problem... just a minor inconvenience. Actually the real inconvenience is having to take the bed apart to get to the water pump to fix the broken pipe.

We brought with us the solar panel system & have one panel hooked up to run the camper lights. We also brough 12 rolls of R-25 insulation for the roof/ceiling. We got that task accomplished by Wednesday!! We were one roll short of completing the job - but that un-insulated part is over the stairs & we're not too anxious to get it done. We also brought 4 rolls of R-13 for the upstairs walls. Have not begun this task yet... but probably will have it done by the end of this week. We brought 6 windows... 2 side-by-side windows & a small window for the living room, 2 side-by-side windows for the bedroom & 1 for the kitchen. We have the kitchen window done... one small one in the living room (looks to the mesa west of us) and one tall window (facing Mt. Blanca). We'll get the other one installed in the living room later today probably. Jerry did get the hole cut for one of the 2 bedroom windows but it was SO stinkin' windy he didn't want to be on the ladder holding on to a window that acts as a parasail in the wind!! It's just nice to have some light in the cabin!!

We discovered we have (had?) a mouse (at least I hope it's just one... but I doubt it!). Of all the times to be without a cat!! We haven't actually seen IT... just it's calling cards! Don't know if Skeeter would be at all interested in it... he's too busy tearing around the property finding all the bones he'd buried last fall!

We have hooked up with friends we made last year & have made some time for socializing (when it's too windy or rainy to work). This morning we went to church. It was nice to be back!!

Currently at the RV park doing some laundry after having lunch with friends following church. Jerry's hoping to either get the other living room window in (depending on wind) or start working on getting kitchen started. We brought countertop with us... so we could at least get it installed & have some workspace!

Nothing too exciting going on right now. I will try to get pictures posted. I can't find the cord for my camera! Duh!

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