Monday, June 22, 2009

Stinkin' hot & humid weather.... UGH!

We surprised friends Friday nite at a street fair here in town (saw one of Jerry's boys - twice that day)... Saturday we drove to Kansas to surprise my mom on her 75th birthday -- and the 50th wedding anniversary of cousins and Father's Day... then on back to Nebraska to surprise Jerry's dad for Father's Day. Today we saw two of Jerry's boys... had two meals within 4 hours. We're stuffed & tired! One more of Jerry's boys to see... and maybe we'll see Spencer too??

Anyway... the weather here is ABSOLUTELY miserable! How in the world did we tolerate living here during the summer?? If the heat doesn't get you, the humidity will. I straightened my hair this morning... and before we left the house it was already getting curled back up because of the humidity. Thank goodness for headbands! I don't know what my hair is up to... for years I spent money on perms because my hair was SO straight... and now it has decided to curl & do all kinds of weird things. Hormones, I suppose. Whatever it is I wish it would make up its mind... I'm tired of guessing/stressing out about it.

I was going to pack more tonite... and discovered there was only ONE box left in the house that was empty. We did grab a large box Son #3 was throwing out... it will be good for packing clothes in I think... but since Jerry's the only one who has clothes left here... he'll get the honor of packing it! Tomorrow I'll make another run to the local liquor store to get more boxes. Hopefully I can get LOTS more packed - even if we don't take it all now - at least it will be packed & ready to go!

I'm hoping we can head back Thursday. I don't think I can stand this weather much longer! Calgon take me away!


  1. One of those weird "I was just wondering about that" moments:

    I think I maybe saw you at Wretha's place, don't remember. But this morning when I went to get on the computer I remembered that I wanted to look up "why has my hair changed". I'm like you... I grew up with straight hair, now in my mid-40s I can wash it and let it go and have a head full of soft curls. What in the world is THAT all about?

    Let me know if you figure out any answers! Glad I stopped by. :)

  2. Oh wait, I just found this:

    So, ya think it's hormonal, as in peri-menopausal?

    Sheesh...w hy don't guys have to go through all this dumb stuff :(

  3. Meadowlark ~
    Yes, you did see me at Wreatha's place! Thanks for stopping by "my place". Hope you stick around!
    My hair dresser (male) told me: "honey, you're just at that age. Look at your momma & your grandmom... what was their hair like at your age?" Well, heck! That's not what I wanted to hear! In the meantime, I will continue to abuse my hair with my 1875 watt hair dryer & flat iron and a plethora of hair products.
    Thanks for sharing my pain! :D