Friday, November 27, 2009

Working my way thru my reading list

The last couple years I've been buying up paperback novels at garage sales & thrift stores. Everytime I walk into a thrift store I still look for interesting reading material.

Most recently I read "Better Off" - a book about turning off the switch on technology & living simply; "An Arrow Pointing to Heaven" - about the life and ministry of contemporary Christian singer Rich Mullins who died in 1997... and "The Backward Life: In Pursuit of an Uncommon Faith" - by Jarrod Jones. I've not started this book yet so I cannot give any details other than the title intrigued me.

A friend suggested I read "Roughing It" by Mark Twain. I searched every thrift store I walked into looking for it - no luck. I did find it online but it was going to be a pain in the neck to try to read a little at a time... so I finally bit the bullet & went to our local library, got a library card & asked if I could find "Roughing It" here. They didn't have it but were happy to borrow it from another library! It arrived - a beautiful old book, copyrighted in 1899 & signed by Mark Twain! I'm almost halfway thru it & it has proved to be quite entertaining! Why books like this are not required reading for high school or college level students is beyond me! I have enjyed this book thus far - especially the detail Twain uses to describe things! Who knew one could spent 4 pages describing a coyote?!

The same friend who suggested "Roughing It" has been studying the Bible and challenges me to read mine more and really pick verses apart!

I will continue to read thru the boxes of books I brought with me... chances are they'll last all winter & maybe then some. In the meantime, I will be buying more books as I come across ones I find worthwhile! There's just something about sitting in my chair by the fire, sipping hot tea & reading a good book (or the Good Book!) that soothes the soul!

What books have you read lately?


  1. Hi Marcy:

    You can't get much better for entertaining reading than Twain. I need to read *Roughing It*. Another author I always like is John Steinbeck.

    The latest book I read was Ayn Rand's *Atlas Shrugged* which clocked in at 1165 pages. Rand is a pretty famous writer from Russia who became a rabid right-wing proponent after her family lost the life they knew in Communist Russia (and she defected to the U.S.) I'll admit I wanted to quit at around page 300 but then I got into the story and I must say while it was a little overblown, I did end up liking it. It made me think more about the politics of liberalism versus conservatism. Her basic premise is that a world where those who are "able" are obligated to support those who are "unable" (for whatever reasons) is a world doomed to fail.

    My friend from Kansas who I talk with regularly by phone got a copy of *The Purpose-Driven Life* by Rick Warren and then I got a copy, and we read the book together aloud over the phone. It's a way to keep each other motivated. We have about five chapters left. I recommend the "buddy system" when reading a self-help book, because more ideas invariably arise for discussion when you're sharing the reading.

    That's all for now...I want to get back to reading your blog. --Angela (from Imperial, NE)

  2. Hey Ang, Definitely get a copy of Roughing It! It's very entertaining! Strangely enough I just saw a copy of Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" at the thrift store & passed on it because of the length but maybe I'll have to give it a read! A ladies Bible study I belonged to a few years ago used "The Purpose Driven Life"... I may have to read it again!
    Thanks for reading... I don't receive many comments but once in a while I get emails from people I know who read - don't know why they don't just leave a comment. BTW - you should click on "follow" & bookmark this!

  3. I'll go check out Roughing It tomorrow. I'm now officially following your blog--look for my pic of the two cats! :)