Friday, May 8, 2009

Windows to the soul

Yesterday Jerry & I made a trip to Menards. Jerry doesn't like Home Depot or Lowes so we're kind of stuck with Menards. We do like the store but the nearest one to us in Colorado is actually in North Platte, NE... there are NO Menards stores in the western part of the country.
Anyway ~ the purpose of our visit was to price windows. We priced them out of 6 windows... for around $500. We got two long, skinny windows for our bedroom window (they'll butt up against each other to make a big window facing the mountain); two more long, skinny windows for the living room (same deal - facing the mountain); and two "square" windows - one for the kitchen and one for the living room (facing the mesa).
We're toying with the idea of putting two windows in the kitchen - in the corner - one facing north, the other facing east - to let in more light. We'll also be getting another of these "square" windows for our bedroom (west) wall - facing the mesa, two more long, skinny windows for the spare bedroom, and a smaller window for the bathroom. We will most likely buy these later in the summer when we come back to Nebraska.


  1. Is this a photo of your kitchen? Its stunning! I am in love with it!

  2. Darlene,
    Sadly, no... it's not my kitchen. When the cabin is done the kitchen will hopefully have a similar look to it. Thanks, tho! ;o)